About Us

Imagine being able to get easily adaptive technology, instant access, updates, and track records of all critical sales along with marketing and branding initiatives from experts! That's what we do! We bring you the power of marketing collaboration to track and manage your Sales, Marketing and Branding activities.

Grammi Solutions provide an 'end-to-end' sales support software system, along with marketing and branding of products to all SME and MSME segment manufacturers and Start-ups in India and Abroad.

Grammi Solutions Pvt. Ltd, an Enterprise Mobility Solution Provider established with an intent to help businesses grow successfully and ensure fruitful outcomes for all your business targets. We bridge the gap between the manufacturer and end user by providing strategies to drive consumers to your brand.

Our sales, marketing and branding initiatives and solutions, help promote your products and services across a wide platform of potential consumers. We help you grow your business, your brand value and generate measurable ROI.

Why us ?

Having a tough time managing your sales leads? Do you have the ‘right’ marketing and branding initiatives as well as the right assistance and tools to make a success of it?

If not, we are here to eliminate these barriers for you. We offer unique, hassle-free enterprise mobility solutions to amplify your business prospects.

Grammi Innovative Solutions is strategized to give your business that competitive advantage.

Success factors linked to our Enterprise Mobility Solutions – in sales, in marketing, in branding

When high-end manufacturing and FMCG companies invest in branding and marketing solutions, they want to ascertain significant improvements in their sales graph resulting in increased Consumer satisfaction.

Grammi understands your consumers ?

Consumers serve as a catalyst for conception of fresh, creative and innovative ideas. They push businesses to perform beyond expectations. And let’s not underestimate the revenue they bring in. Understanding the tastes, preferences and responding to their needs and wants in an efficient manner is very essential for the success of any organization. Simply appreciating your Consumers is not a big deal, but what truly matters is how well you understand them. How quick you are in meeting their needs. And the quality you give them. The more you get to know about your Consumers, the better you are in a position to provide them with ultimate Consumer satisfaction that really pays off.

The relationships that you establish with your potential Consumers will determine your company’s overall profitability. To enable this kind of consumer relationship, and consumer loyalty, your connect with them has to be first established.

Grammi Solutions provide comprehensive branding and marketing strategies that are consumer-relevant, aligns to your business vision, user friendly, and financially viable.

Storing huge data silos and integrating huge chunk of Consumer related data becomes difficult.

This is when we step into the picture, providing you cloud based sales software to store, access, up-date and maintain accurate records of Consumer data, transactions and much more.

With our CRM enabled tool, we make it easy for your Consumer to get in touch with your company. Your sales team will be able to retrieve all activities concerning past purchases, history, preferences, and address concerns of unsatisfied Consumers. This acts well for your company since it enables the trust factor to escalate and you have a loyal consumer added to your list.